All of our food service and restaurant Burek line is conveniently packaged in boxes and sold per case. They are to be stored frozen until ready to bake. Making it for convenient per request baking and eliminating any waste. Please note, for optimal results Burek should be baked in a convection oven (gas or electric)

About our fillings

We are proud to say that all of our ingredients used in making of our Burek products are top grade quality. We do not use any previously frozen ingredients in any of our fillings 


Beef: 100% Angus Beef used in all of our Burek Products
Cheese: Mix of Various Cheeses including top grade Ricotta and Imported Bulgarian Feta
Spinach: Fresh NOT frozen spinach mixed with Bulgarian Feta

13” Round traditional Pie Case



Serving Size:1 pie 4-6 People
Case Size: 6 Pies 
Available Filings: Beef, Cheese or Spinach

Small Burek Rolls Case



Serving Size:1-2 Rolls
Case Size: 48 Rolls
Available Filings: Beef, Cheese, Spinach, Potato or Apple

Large Burek Rolls Case



Serving Size:1 Roll
Case Size: 24 Rolls
Available Filings: Beef, Cheese, Spinach, Potato, Apple or Cabbage

Party Tray Burek Case



Serving Size:Varies on cutting method
Case Size: 3 Trays
Available Filings: Beef, Cheese, Spinach or Potato